Protection of the operator and critical tractor parts are vital to the successful use of tractors in the brush control phase of revegetation. Hand-operated and backpack sprayers, tree injectors, rope-wick applicators, protective clothing, safety equipment, and chemical supplies are available through websites and catalogs, local farm and ranch stores, and chemical dealers.


Operation of hand-operated and backpack sprayers and tree injectors is very labor intensive and best suited for individual plant treatment on limited areas. Hand-operated units consist of a metal or plastic pressurized tank with a plunger pump, a handgun, and a strap or handle. Tank capacities vary from 1 to 3 gallons and are used on very small areas. Backpack sprayers use a 3- to 5-gallon-plastic tank and a piston or diaphragm pump which is hand operated while spraying with a handgun. These sprayers are used for leaf sprays on shrubs or basal sprays on trees and shrubs, and they can be operated for extended periods. Tree injectors apply a dose of herbicide into the tree as the sharp point of the injector is thrust into the tree. Because of small tank capacities, all above sprayers may require frequent re-filling.



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