Revegetation Equipment Catalog

Descriptions, applications, pictures, and sources for equipment used in rangeland revegetation

Welcome to the Revegetation Equipment Online Catalog. This catalog provides descriptions, applications, photos, and vendors of equipment used for seed collection and cleaning, site preparation, revegetation, and vegetation management:

Bureau of Land Management, Plant Conservation and Restoration Program
US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council
Texas A&M University
Texas Tech University
Great Basin Fire Science Exchange
Society for Ecological Restoration
International Network for Seed-Based Restoration

The original Revegetation Equipment Catalog was made possible through the tireless work of Harold Wiedemann, former chair of the Rangeland Technology Equipment Council.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this online catalog was developed for guidance and does not constitute a comprehensive list of all products and sources. Mention of products, companies, or trade names is intended for identification only and does not imply an endorsement or preference by the collaborators and contributors.

Contact: Corey L. Gucker, Great Basin Fire Science Exchange | 208.373.4342 | [email protected] | Boise, ID