Vehicles and Trailers

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are readily available because of their popularity for pleasure, hunting, or work on off-road sites. Revegetation projects can benefit from their use mainly for seeding small areas, individual plant treatment, or site inspections. All-terrain vehicles are commonly called ATVs or 4-wheelers. However, a few models have six or eight wheels.

Tractors are the main prime movers used in the revegetation of rangelands. Tractors supply the force to move implements and power many accessories. Most tractors are equipped with hydraulic systems and power-take-offs. Hydraulics supply the force required to raise and lower implements and to operate remote cylinders and hydraulic motors. The power-take-off supplies power through a rotating shaft to implements attached to the tractor. Micro-processors and electronics now play a major part in controlling many functions, making the tractor more efficient and easier to operate. Tractors can be used on most terrain if safety procedures are followed. The broad range of horsepower available in tractors is enough to accomplish any reasonable revegetation application. Different tractors are described in the following sections and additional information on horsepower is listed in the Appendix (needs LINK).

Moving revegetation equipment from site to site requires trailers. Trailers can vary from small utility types pulled by an SUV or pickup to large semi-trailers. Information in this chapter covers some of the basic types that are available, but it is not all-inclusive. Some companies specialize in one type while most companies provide a wide range of trailers. Many welding and fabrication shops build trailers for local and regional needs. Trailers must meet state and federal requirements and have current license plates and safety inspections to be used on public highways. Safety, such as proper hitching including the use of safety chains, trailer lights working properly, and equipment securely fastened to the trailer, should always be practiced.