All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are readily available because of their popularity for pleasure, hunting, or work on off-road sites. Revegetation projects can benefit from their use mainly for seeding small areas, individual plant treatment, or site inspections. All-terrain vehicles are commonly called ATVs or 4-wheelers. However, a few models have six or eight wheels. Four-wheelers come in a variety of makes, models, and sizes. Engine sizes (displacement) vary from 250 to 700 cc and are normally four-stroke cycle. Some small engines are two-stroke cycle. They are available as either two-wheel (2×4) or four-wheel (4×4) drive versions. Transmissions are either standard or automatic. Tires are low-pressure type (less than 10 psi). Utility models come with front and rear carrying racks and hitches. Recommended capacity for front racks is 50 to 100 lbs while rear racks are rated at 100 to 200 lbs. Six-wheel units are rated for 800 lbs on rear racks. Hitch towing capacity is 1000 to 1500 lbs. Several units have cargo beds for increased carrying capacity. Some 6-wheel models have tracks for increased traction and floatation. Toolboxes, winches, and front-mounted dozer blades are available.


Utility models are well suited for rangeland projects. The 4×4 units provide good traction on rugged terrain and automatic transmission simplifies operation. The 2×4 units with 250 to 300 cc, four-stroke engines are easier to maneuver over long periods of idle or slow speed operation when conducting spraying or other treatments. Small, battery-powered sprayers can be mounted on the rear rack (see ATV Sprayers in the section on Chemical Control of plants). Small disks, cultivators, and seeders can be towed for seeding projects. Four-wheelers are fun to ride, but excessive speed, difficult terrain, and steep slopes should be avoided, especially when the ATV is loaded with extra equipment. Safety procedures as outlined in the operator’s manual should be followed. Six- or eight-wheel units are safer on steep slopes. An electric air pump and tire-plug kit is available to repair flat tires in the field. Tire sealant is helpful when operating in a thorn-infested landscape.


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