Hydraulic trailers use a hydraulic cylinder to move the axles forward during loading and another cylinder in the trailer’s gooseneck (or tongue) to tilt the bed. This combination provides a loading angle of about 8 degrees. Tractors with attached implements can easily be driven onto the trailer bed. These trailers are equipped with winches to aid in pulling equipment onto the bed and securing it during transport. After equipment is loaded, the trailer bed is leveled, and the axles are moved rearward to the normal transport position. A 20,000 lb capacity unit uses two axles with dual wheels, and it can be towed by a medium size truck (2- to 4.5-ton truck). Trailer length is 28, 32, or 39 feet. These trailers are well suited for moving revegetation equipment to work sites because of the ease in loading and unloading in the field. Larger capacity units are available, but they require semi-trucks for towing.



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