In the middle 1990s a Texas company started manufacturing regrowth rootplows and rakes to control regrowth brush in pastures previously cleared by conventional rootplows and rakes. These 10-foot wide plows have been structurally downsized so they can be pulled by 140- to 170-horsepower crawler tractors. Additionally, regrowth root rakes 14-feet wide, have been developed to operate in concert with the plows. The rakes remove roots from the soil and pile them with the above-ground brush debris. They use the same quick hitch as the regrowth plow. Regrowth plows are more energy efficient and cost effective than conventional rootplows when used in previously cleared areas or in the early stages of brush establishment.


Regrowth plows are especially useful in pastures that have compacted soils and moderate to dense stands of brush with trunk diameters less than 4 inches. In pasture situations where herbicides and burning are restricted or ineffective, these plows may be the only option to control the brush. Regrowth plows can be pulled by rubber-track tractors and large wheeled farm tractors to fracture compacted soils when brush debris is not present. Pastures or rangeland must be free of underground stumps or rocks to prevent undue damage to the plow.



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