Shearing blades are designed to sever tree trunks at ground level. Shearing blades have saw-like teeth along the base of the modified dozer blade for cutting. A sharp stump splitter on the forward part on the blade aids in severing large trunks. The most common unit is called a “KG” blade. It is diagonally mounted on the front of a crawler tractor, and it ranges from 8 to 14 feet in width. The other type, a “V” blade, shears on both sides of the centrally mounted unit. These blades are slightly wider than the KG blades.


Shearing blades are used in forests for rapidly clearing non-sprouting trees. They leave the area relatively smooth with stumps usually left intact in the ground. They are not effective in rocky ground and are seldom used on brush-infested rangeland. Tractor operators must be well shielded from falling trees and limbs.


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